Out In The Wind (neo-acoustic & guitar pop 1983-95)

Out In The Wind (neo-acoustic & guitar pop 1983-95).  Home made compilation CD.

  1. The Pale Fountains – Abergele Next Time
  2. del Amitri – Out In The Wind
  3. The Popguns – Landslide
  4. Mighty Mighty – Is There Anyone Out There?
  5. A Craze – Wearing Your Jumper
  6. The Man Upstairs – Sad In My Heart
  7. Louis Philippe – Like Nobody Do
  8. The Farmer’s Boys – In The Country
  9. The Brilliant Corners – Everything I Ever Wanted
  10. The Doctor’s Children – Tomorrow I’ll Die
  11. The Go Hole – Flight Of Angels
  12. James – What’s The World
  13. A Riot Of Colour – House
  14. The Apartments – The Shyest Time
  15. The Room – New Dreams For Old
  16. In Embrace – This Brilliant Evening
  17. The Bluebells – I’m Falling
  18. Brian – You Don’t Want A Boyfriend
  19. Rodney Allen – Glastonbury
  20. The Orchids – Striving For The Lazy Perfection
  21. Momus – The Sadness Of Things

One Response to “Out In The Wind (neo-acoustic & guitar pop 1983-95)”

  1. For sure, this compilation is much more than a consolation prize! Thanks so much.
    Just in case somebody’s interested, here’s Cliff Richard’s version of Out in the country: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7i7ajweZXw
    And A Craze have just released a new LP.

    Best wishes and thanks again, Ogro

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