All You Wanted (22 Pop Songs 1984-94)

All You Wanted (22 Pop Songs 1984-94).  Home made compilation CD.

  1. The Sea Urchins – Please Don’t Cry
  2. The Doctor’s Children – Rose Cottage
  3. James Dean Driving Experience – Sean Connery
  4. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes – You’ll Never Be That Young Again
  5. Even As We Speak – I Won’t Have To Think About You
  6. The Hit Parade – Let Her Go
  7. Harvey Williams – Don’t Shout At Me
  8. The Lilac Time – The Girl Who Waves At Trains
  9. Westlake – She Grew And She Grew
  10. Emily – The Old Stone Bridge
  11. The Apartments – All You Wanted
  12. The Incredible Blondes – True
  13. Tynal Tywyll – 73 Heb Flares
  14. The Wildhouse – Paint The Whole Day Red
  15. Modern Art – Golden Legend
  16. The Submarines – Grey Skies Blue
  17. A Riot Of Colour – Country
  18. The Enormous Room – Sylvia’s Children
  19. Metro Trinity – Spend My Whole Life Loving You
  20. The Nivens – Yesterday
  21. The Popguns – Where Do You Go?
  22. Ever – Sleepyhead

5 Responses to “All You Wanted (22 Pop Songs 1984-94)”

  1. You’ve done it again!
    Everyone of your compilations are the most played albums on my Ipod, and every track is a winner..

    thank you!

  2. radiodrilltime Says:

    Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like ’em!

  3. Great site! Awesome compilations. Did you get that Apartments’ “All you Wanted” from the 12 inch or the 7 inch? Any chance you will be posting the b-sides? Thanks again.

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks! That came off the 7 inch. I’ll be posting a few of the 7″s (including b-sides) later this week!

  4. Thank you soooo much! Keep up the great work! Love the Sprouts as well. Thanks again.

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