The Doctor’s Children – Rose Cottage E.P. 12″ (1986)

The Doctor’s Children – Rose Cottage 12″ EP.  Upright Records (UPT 16).  1986.

  1. Rose Cottage
  2. Me, September 24th 1983
  3. Blessed Is The Man
  4. When I Was Young

11 Responses to “The Doctor’s Children – Rose Cottage E.P. 12″ (1986)”

  1. excelente banda
    me gusta mucho blessed is the man

    ?¿tienes el king buffalo o chica de ojos verdes?¿

    un blog fascinante

    un abrazo

  2. oks
    un abrazo


  3. Stephanie Zapalac Says:

    Do you have any idea where I can purchase this ??? Would love to hear back from you! thanks!!!

  4. radiodrilltime Says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    My best guess would be to just keep an eye on eBay. I’m sure they’re out there. Wish I could be more help!

  5. Stephanie Zapalac Says:

    Thank you! Will do!

  6. Hi!

    I arrived at your blog and these great Doctor’s Children posts after recently hearing the ‘King Buffalo’ M-LP and setting out to find anything else the band released.

    I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere but I’ve been struck by the similarity between Paul Smith’s vocals and those of Peter Perrett of The Only Ones (one of my favourite bands).

    If you ever find time to post the ‘Girl with the Green Eyes’ 12″, I’d certainly be appreciative.

    Anyway thanks for posting this and the other single!


  7. Nice to have people talking about us after all these years!

    Rowland (drummer and artist!)

  8. Nice to hear about this band. I uploaded what I thought was their complete discography here,

    but I didn’t know about this other “James” single. Could you please reupload it. The link doesn’t work.

    “King Buffalo” was released in Spain, and though it didn’t do much I know it’s cherished among the ones that got hold of a copy.

  9. Paul Smith is my dad and he’s sitting here now looking at this page being embarrassed/flattered.


    • graham maclennan Says:

      loved the doctors children, would love to see an anthology, still pissed i missed the andy kershaw session, all i have is the song “cowboy ” from it , don’t know what else they played? great great band.

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