Songs They Never Play On The Radio (Neo-acoustic and Guitar Pop 1984-98)

Songs They Never Play On The Radio (Neo-acoustic and Guitar Pop 1984-98).  Home made compilation CD.

  1. Hopkirk & Lee – Free Arthur Lee!
  2. The Orchids – Peaches
  3. The Boo Radleys – Lazarus (acoustic)
  4. The Bachelor Pad – Meet The Lovely Jenny Brown
  5. The Doctor’s Children – Me, September 24, 1983
  6. The Enormous Room – Melanie And Martin
  7. Andy Pawlak – Secrets
  8. The Blow Monkeys – I Nearly Died Laughing
  9. The Pale Fountains – You’ll Start A War
  10. McCarthy – This Nelson Rockefeller
  11. The Bathers – Latta’s Dream
  12. Bourgie Bourgie – Change Of Attitude
  13. Clive Langer – Even Though
  14. Felt – Space Blues
  15. The Times – Love Like Haze Or Rain
  16. Rosemary’s Children – Southern Fields
  17. Even As We Speak – Bizarre Love Triangle
  18. Biff Bang Pow! – She Paints
  19. Peter Astor – Submarine (acoustic)
  20. James Young – Songs They Never Play On The Radio
  21. The Triffids – Only One Life

4 Responses to “Songs They Never Play On The Radio (Neo-acoustic and Guitar Pop 1984-98)”

  1. pffffffff
    mayusculo tanto tus recopilatorios como tu blog
    un saludo

  2. So who the hell were Hopkirk & Lee? One really great EP and then absolutely nothing…. In these days when you can find out anything about anyone, it’s good to have a few mysteries I guess.

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      I remember hearing that they actually got a record deal after the EP, and then did nothing. Wish I knew more about them. The EP is truly brilliant.

  3. Re – Andy Pawlak I’ll never know why or how he never made it big. You may be interested in my article about Andy Pawlak here

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