Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter 7″ (1983)

Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter 7″.  Rough Trade (RT 132).  1983.

  1. Walk Out To Winter
  2. Set The Killing Free

3 Responses to “Aztec Camera – Walk Out To Winter 7″ (1983)”

  1. I think it’s wonderful that you post all these songs for people to hear, but it sucks that you provide them only in mono versions (as have been the 4 Aztec Camera titles I’ve downloaded for the unavailable b-sides.). It’s not like anyone is going to easily run out and buy singles that are 25 – 30 years old, so it’s not like the artist is losing money.

    If you want to be generous then be so — all the way. As it stands, the material here is not really worth keeping, and your website is more about showing off your collection than spreading joy and sharing the mostly unavailable and rare work found here. 😦

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Hi Fred,

      The mono versions were actually the result of an accidental setting when I started to rip the records. It’s been pointed out, and corrected (evidenced by the more recent posts,) and I’m trying to go back and convert all of the mono rips to stereo. It’ll happen in time, and I’ll be celebrating when it does, but until then, this is all I’ve got (the blog has never been about showing off, but simply about sharing some of the records I love).

  2. This version of Walk Out to Winter is sooo hard to find. It’s not available on any CD in print, is it? Thanks very much for sharing. Now if only I can find that version of African and White…

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