The Enormous Room – 100 Different Words 12″ (1986)

The Enormous Room – 100 Different Words 12″.  Sharp Records (CAL 5).  1986.

  1. 100 Different Words
  2. Sylvia’s Children
  3. Melanie And Martin
  4. You Wrote A Book

5 Responses to “The Enormous Room – 100 Different Words 12″ (1986)”

  1. Hi, thank you for all the great posts! I have a very broad musical taste, but indiepop/jangle pop has always featured very prominently in my collection. The is a pop purity and ‘youthfulness’ in this genre that is so vibrant and vital… Having found The Enormous Room 12”, I am disappointed that thew link does not work! Every time I try to download it, I get a message on my screen indicating ‘error’. Could you possibly post a new link? Also, do you have the 2-track flexi by this band? Again, thank you.

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks Mike, I’m glad you’ve found some things you like. That’s strange that the link for the Enormous Room won’t work though. It’s working fine on this end. If you still have troubles with it, let me know and I’ll put a new link up. As for the flexi, you can find it on my other blog here…

      • Hi radiodrilltime, no, I’ve tried to down the Enormous Room 12″ several times again since my forst message, but it continues to show ‘error’. As several others of your posts have downloaded first time, and I have also tried it with a different computer, I can only assume that there is some glitch with my ISP that ‘doesn’t like’ this link. If you could post a new link, that would be great. Thank you.

      • radiodrilltime Says:

        I’ve put up a new link. Let me know if this one works for you. Thanks!

  2. I have this and “I Don;t Need You” on an old Peel tape – tried to buy it in but my record shop couldn’t get it. Then I accidentally recorded over half of it. Doh!

    Been searching for it ever since now — here it is! Wonderful.

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