The Wildhouse – Let’s Get Married! 12″ EP

The Wildhouse – Let’s Get Married! 12″ EP.  Uh Huh! Records (Huh 003).

  1. All Of Her Men
  2. James
  3. Paint The Whole Day Red
  4. Loathsome
  5. Pure

13 Responses to “The Wildhouse – Let’s Get Married! 12″ EP”

  1. Tinsel Heart Says:

    Hi and thank you for such a terrific selection of 7″ singles here on your site. At last I’ve managed to hear so many nice tracks that I only heard or read about before. Thanks very much for scans too. Priceless!


  2. Lonelyplanetboy Says:

    I’d like to say thanks too… Great work!

  3. mark e wildhouse Says:

    the scans are great
    first time i have seen them on the web

  4. mark e wildhouse Says:

    still making a racket

  5. mark e wildhouse Says:

    Do you have a copy of the insert and could you please post it on here?

  6. mark e wildhouse Says:

    contact me via email and i will post you one

  7. help me
    title of name the band

  8. thanks

  9. utterly AMAZING site. easily the best..out of (truth) thousands I have actually visited and spent time on / with.

    really… what a killer selection of music. so much of it was unbeknownst to me..and I own over 100,000 actual (physical) records.

    just goes to show you. music….great everywhere.

    cheers from Manhattan!

    – Mike Brandon

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