The Bathers – Fancy Dress 7″ (1987)

The Bathers – Fancy Dress 7″.  Go Discs (GOD 17).  1987.

  1. Fancy Dress
  2. Juju Peach

14 Responses to “The Bathers – Fancy Dress 7″ (1987)”

  1. Thanks, and not only for this, for all.
    Great blog. Brilliant music collection.

  2. stevoid Says:

    A tremendous record,as was the ‘Unusual Places to Die’ album it came from. If you have that album a post of that would be welcome too!

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t look like anyone has ‘Unusual Places to Die’ up right now, so I’ll try to get that posted soon.


  3. Niall Cullen Says:

    What ever happened to the great Chris Thompson??? The Bathers body of work is a real treasure trove,and this his first outing set him on the way to greatness !!
    Great posts as usual !!


    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Hi Niall,

      I agree. Those are some of my favorite records. I’ll get the other b-side from the 12″ up next week as well.


  4. Hi

    I just wanted to thank you for the great job you do.

    Thanks to you I had access to records, tapes and flexis inaccessible to me.

    Just wanted to ask if it would be possible to you to do a site about fanzines.

    It would be wonderful to read fanzines like Communication Blur, Legend! Attack on Bzag, Simply Thrilled Honey, Juniper Ber Beri, coca-cola cowboy, Are You Scared To Get Happy, Baby Honey, Caff, KVATCH, Hungry Beat… I’ve always heard about them but I’ve never seen…

    Once again, thanks

  5. once more… BRILLIANT !


  6. Do you have any of the early Slumberland stuff? Especially the What Kind Of Heaven Do You Want 7″? More so then the music, I’m interested in the scans of the vinyl and covers.

  7. Awesome thanks so much. Lilys February Fourteenth 7″ would be awesome too if you’ve got it.

  8. Came across the blog via v Villian as you ar eon the paul haig day list. Fantastic blog and thanks fo rthis track I’ve got a very crackly vinyl version of unusual places – crackly because it has been played to death

  9. James Grant is playing 3 nights in June at the City Halls in Glasgow ,each night has a different theme – Sat 19th will feature an informal Friends Again reunion . . . . so if you want to catch Chris Thompson live for the first time in god knows how long . . .

  10. Best Bowie song other than actual Bowie. Great site!

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