Rosemary’s Children – Southern Fields 7″ (1986)

Rosemary’s Children – Southern Fields 7″.  El (GPO 12).  1986.

  1. Southern Fields
  2. (Whatever Happened to) Alice?

9 Responses to “Rosemary’s Children – Southern Fields 7″ (1986)”

  1. YES!
    I love Southern Fields so much. Wish I also owned the record…
    You’ve heard the Kings & Princes EP no doubt.

  2. Thank you so much… I’m a big fan of él records, and original singles rip are SO rare. AND with beautiful scans! You made my day!! 🙂

  3. yo tengo el 12″ de kings & princes
    ?¿lo quereis?¿

  4. dame unos dias y lo subo

  5. I adore Rosemary’s Children ! “Kings and princes” must be one of my favourite records ever ! For those of you who have not heard it, you are in for a treat (I wrote about it on the Pop ‘n Cherries blog some time ago).
    Sad, that there never was a follow up … but I guess that makes me treasure the few gems they did release even more …
    “Kings and princes” was sold by Cherry red records some time ago as digital download, but I guess it is gone now (cherry red have ceased selling mp3’s).
    I do have the original vinyl (which I bought on release), but sadly now way of converting it into mp3’s.

  6. creia que tenia el maxi ripeado pero no lo tengo
    un poco de paciencia que lo posteare cuando lo tenga

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