What Will We Do Next? (23 pop songs)

What Will We Do Next? (23 pop songs).  Home made compilation CD.

  1. ChooChooTrain – High
  2. The Chills – Kaleidoscope World
  3. The Sea Urchins – Pristine Christine
  4. Razorcuts – Jade
  5. The Pooh Sticks – Indiepop Ain’t Noise Pollution
  6. The Shop Assistants – I Don’t Wanna Be Friends With You
  7. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes – Goodbye Misery
  8. The Clouds – Jenny Nowhere
  9. The Visitors – Goldmining
  10. White Town – White Town
  11. Another Sunny Day – The Centre Of My Little World
  12. The Submarines – I Saw The Children
  13. The Waltones – She Looks Right Through Me
  14. Talulah Gosh – Talulah Gosh
  15. The Soup Dragons – Head Gone Astray
  16. The Motorcycle Boy – Big Rock Candy Mountain
  17. My Bloody Valentine – Sunny Sundae Smile
  18. The Stone Roses – The Hardest Thing In The World
  19. Even As We Speak – Blue Suburban Skies
  20. The Summer Suns – All Away
  21. The Mayfields – Feels Like Yesterday
  22. Brighter – Ocean Sky
  23. The Orchids – What Will We Do Next?

8 Responses to “What Will We Do Next? (23 pop songs)”

  1. Great post once again! Would you have the Bluebells Ep (red cover?) produced by Elvis Costello by chance?

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      I was going to be posting the 7″ soon, but my scanner’s been broken, which is why I’ve been slower than usual with the posts lately. I should have some things up in the next few days though. I’ll try to get both the 7″ and 12″ versions up when I do.


  2. mogwaione Says:

    Don’t know if anyone’s interested but I’ve been scanning a bunch of stuff. I’m not putting any music up, but there’s high quality scans you can download here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mogwaione/
    If anyone would like to contribute some of your scans I’d be happy to archive them, just email me. I’m working hard on compiling scans of everything from Slumberland.

  3. Cheers for including my former band, The Mayfields, on such a great mix. Now I still play indiepop with The Hi-Life Companion from Bristol!

  4. I have managed to download all of your other compilations from rapidshare ok but for some reason I can’t get access to this one, been trying for almost a week now. Any chance you could upload this to another file hosting service such as megaupload or maybe try a different rapidshare address ? Any help appreciated.

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Hi Dave, I just put it back up with a new link. Let me know if it still gives you any trouble.


  5. New link worked. Thanks for doing this.


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