The Bathers – Unusual Places To Die LP (1987)

The Bathers – Unusual Places To Die LP.  Go! Discs (AGOLP 10).  1987.

  1. Perpetual Adoration
  2. Latta’s Dream
  3. Fancy Dress
  4. Time Regained
  5. Take Me Back To The Brooklands
  6. Candide
  7. Juju Peach
  8. Unusual Places To Drive
  9. Isn’t She Shining
  10. Fortuny

20 Responses to “The Bathers – Unusual Places To Die LP (1987)”

  1. styreneboy Says:

    Hi, it’s taken me a while to discover your little gem of a blog, but now I have you can be sure I’ll call back regularly. Thanks a lot for the various bits and pieces I’ve picked up so far and see you again soon!

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you found the blog. Hopefully I’ll be getting more new things up soon (I’ve fallen a little behind lately).

  2. fox in the snow Says:

    This is a great album, you post brilliant singles, are you know post albuns too?

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks! I’m still going to focus on singles, but might start doing a few albums here and there too. Still mostly singles though.

  3. Been looking for this for ages – you don’t happen to have “sweet deceit” as well , do you ?

  4. Thanks for this ! I have been looking for this album for ever and ever without avail.

    I bought the first Bathers single “fancy dress” on release, but somehow my record store at the time did never stock the album … ooh, pre- internet days !

    This album should get a re-release, don’t you think ? I would buy it for sure.

  5. Niall Cullen Says:

    Hi Brian, A fantastic LP,the 12” off this contained a track called”Yellow Buckskin” lost somewhere in my collection.
    Another fantastic post,well done !!

  6. Niall Cullen Says:

    Hi again Brian, I have Sweet Deceit and all his other discs,so if you want,let us know and i’ll get them up(never done this before)??

  7. Niall Cullen Says:

    Hi Brian………………Will this do ??

    Cheers Niall

  8. A tremendous post,haven’t heard this album in 20+ years (since my vinyl went missing when moving house) and is every bit as good as I remember it.

  9. thanks so much for posting this . I have it on cassette somewhere .

  10. I’m a fan of your blog but I never liked The Bathers. Great record covers though.

  11. punkanderson Says:

    What a gem to finally come across. Much love!!

  12. william mcmonagle Says:

    sweet deceit is available for mp3 down load on and amazon.fantastic band great music,sadly missed

  13. Amazing! Thanks so much for this. x

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