Friends Again – South Of Love 7″ (1984)

Friends Again – South Of Love 7″.  Mercury (MER 177).  1984.

  1. South Of Love
  2. Bird Of Paradise

14 Responses to “Friends Again – South Of Love 7″ (1984)”

  1. Your blog is really one of those GREAT, GREAT blogs someone can find. I’ve always been a fan of many of the bands you’ve posted and it’s diffiucult sometimes to get that obscure B-Side or hard-to-find flexi, but in some cases I’ve found them here. So, a big THANKS from Valladolid, Spain, and I hope you continue with this hard labour that maybe only a few of us really appreciate.


    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks for the nice comment! I’m glad you’ve found some things you like. I’ll keep doing what I can.


  2. hello my name is luis and I follow your blog from Madrid Spain, I think you could help me with a group and I have been looking for a song from the 80 I have a mp3 file of very poor quality taken from a cassette tape if you could maybe send it identifies . Thanks

  3. Hi there,

    fantastic work with all those Friends Again records! But is there any way you could upload them to some other host besides Rapidshare please? I just cannot get Rapidshare to work.

    Keep up the good work.
    John in Ireland

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    I’m loving this blog! I’ve been on a Bathers kick lately and until your blog had only read about Friends Again. (I feel like nobody in the US has ever heard of either band- the blank stares I get in record shops.) I’m looking forward to going back in your archives to discover some other treasures! Do you have any plans to share Sweet Deceit or any of the Bloomsday records? I can’t find them anywhere for love or money. I *just* missed S.D. on ebay the other weekend by minutes.

  5. Hi

    Just a thank you for drawing attention to the mighty Friends Again. I have several of those records, some on 12″, and others on mp3 thanks to the wonderful JC at the Vinyl Villain.

    One of my favourites – and The Bathers ‘Kelvingrove Baby’ is a masterpiece.



  6. mogwaione Says:

    Wondering if you had the following records and if so, if you could pot them:

    Both Whorl 7 inches on Slumberland
    Jane Pow Warm Room 7″
    Black Tambourine – By Tomorrow 7″
    Small Factory – What To Want 7″
    Sleepyhead – Sick Of Heaven 7″

    and… The Ropers/Boyracer Split 7″

    If you have any of those and could post them that would be mega awesome!

  7. Hello, thanks for this wonderful blog, I downloaded all the records & covers & inserts, put them in a folder and well, this is my favourite folder ever! 🙂 But Rapidshare deleted Vince Clarke and Paul Quinn – One Day 7″ (1985) and The Assembly – Never Never 7″ (1983). Can you upload again? Thanks!

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks Gilberto,

      Glad you like the blog! I’ll see about re-upping both those records as soon as I can!


  8. Thanks Brian! I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and never thought It’d be possible for me to hear these gems. Also, I’d like to ask for another thing: do you have The Go-Betweens singles? I saw you uploaded some of them, but I know there are many more and I heard they also have excellent b-sides. It’d be great to see some of them here in your blog. Thanks!

  9. Bruiser15 Says:

    I thought I would leave a message here, with reference to the whole blog.

    Nice job, some of these things I thought I would never hear again. As a Scot who was 15 in 1980 you can understand my delight in finding a lot of these records for the first time in a while

    You have taken me back to taping my friend Kid Currie’s big brother’s record collection while he was out on the town.

    Brilliant stuff

  10. Thanks for uploading all Friends Again singles. Really, really appreciated.

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