..coming soon

More posts will be coming soon, and I will also be re-uploading as many of the old posts and repairing old files as soon as possible! Thanks!

6 Responses to “..coming soon”

  1. Valium&Cheesecake Says:

    Good to hear. If you have The Relations – Patrick that a user posted in the comments for the two singles you posted by them I’d greatly appreciate getting them.

  2. Niall Cullen Says:

    Great News Brian…………..

  3. Tom-Tom Turnaround Says:

    Would really appreciate the Manics’ CAFF single (currently has a broken link).

    Never heard it before, and never thought I ever would. 🙂

  4. Tom-Tom Turnaround Says:

    That’s awesome. Thanks so much. The original raw sound!!

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