The Relations – Patrick. LP (1989)

The Relations – Patrick. LP. Stairwell Recordings (WELLP 001). 1989.

  1. Right On Mother
  2. If…
  3. Who Do You Think You Thought You Were
  4. I’m Killing You
  5. Some Say Sorry
  6. Dark Night Bright
  7. Don’t Let Me Break Your Heart Again
  8. The Girl Who Cried Forever
  9. Holy Water
  10. God Loves God

9 Responses to “The Relations – Patrick. LP (1989)”

  1. Fox in the Snow Says:

    it’s a great news that you’re back, hope is for long.
    please, post more albuns.

  2. popheaven Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a record like this for long time. This is so good, it’s like jangle pop perfection in all these songs. Welcome back and don’t ever stop posting. Waiting for your next posts.

    • Neilly McCormick Says:

      Cheers pal..Patrick our album can now be heard on you tube..we might even reform to do some gigs this year.thanks again..Kelly and Neily..two brothers from the relations.

  3. Thanks very much for this . I know very little about the band but loved the Peel session they did in 1986. Still got it on tape in fact ! Don’t suppose you can re-up Brainwashed And Blowdried by any chance ?
    Once again thanks,

    • Neilly McCormick Says:

      You can now find the Peel session , plus the album Patrick on youtube , Neilly McCormick , the Relations drummer ..

  4. radiodrilltime Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll re-up the singles asap.

  5. Valium&Cheesecake Says:

    Thanks a million for this! I discovered your blog after you’d stop posting but I’ll be following from here on!

  6. kelly mccormick Says:

    Man its a wee while since we recorded this, I’m Kelly Mccormick guitarist from The Relations,moves me and the guys to see these comments,we are all doing different projects now,are still mates and still having the ” CRAIC..” cheers..K.

  7. Neilly McCormick Says:

    Hi im former Relations drummer Neilly McCormick, have to say firstly that im flattered and humbled to see people discuss and enjoy work we did in the Relations,thanks . For those of you who might be interested you can find the various projects that some band members are currently involved in on YOU TUBE . Enter Kelly McCormick to check out my brother and myself , and enter The Curtains @ Malaga to see singers Gerrys band, featuring our close friend Turkey Bones of Turkey Bones and the Wild Dogs Fame, thanks again, and peace out….

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