The Moss Poles – Shorn LP (1987)

The Moss Poles – Shorn LP.  Idea Records (idealp002).  1987.

  1. The Things You Say
  2. Take It Or Leave It
  3. Don’t Worry
  4. Amanda Dreams
  5. All In Your Eyes
  6. I Hear You Scream
  7. Don’t You Know?
  8. Underground
  9. More & More
  10. The Sweetest Girl
  11. You Came Up & Smiled
  12. Little Prince
  13. What Can I Do?
  14. To Kiss You

5 Responses to “The Moss Poles – Shorn LP (1987)”

  1. link doesnt work 😦

  2. Hi!

    Wonderful that you are back! Can you please repost all the old singles (Rosemary’s children, Doctor’s children, Laugh especially). Thank you and keep going on!

  3. nihilistspasm Says:

    Definetely link not working…

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