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Honey At The Core (neo-acoustic and guitar pop 1978-84)

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Honey At The Core (neo-acoustic and guitar pop 1978-84).  Home made compilation CD.

  1. Aztec Camera – Just Like Gold
  2. Prefab Sprout – Lions In My Own Garden: Exit Someone
  3. Hurrah! – The Sun Shines Here
  4. The Daintees – Involved With Love
  5. Friends Again – Honey At The Core
  6. The Bluebells – Forever More
  7. The Pale Fountains – Just A Girl
  8. The French Impressionists – Rainbows Never End
  9. The Gift – Crashing Down
  10. Josef K – It’s Kinda Funny
  11. Tiny Town – Drop By Drop
  12. The Farmer’s Boys – I Think I Need Help
  13. The Go-Betweens – Lee Remick
  14. Orange Juice – You Old Eccentric
  15. The Jazzateers – Show Me The Door
  16. Fantastic Something – If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain)
  17. Strawberry Switchblade – Trees And Flowers
  18. Haircut One Hundred – Fantastic Day
  19. The Shakin’ Pyramids – Plain Sailin’