Words & Smiles (21 pop songs 1983-93)

Words & Smiles (21 pop songs 1983-93).  Home made compilation CD.

  1. The Tony Head Experience – Debbie One
  2. Tiger Trap – Words And Smiles (7″ version)
  3. Delightful Little Nothings – Over Us
  4. Bulldozer Crash – Changing
  5. The Fizzbombs – Sign On The Line
  6. The Motorcycle Boy – His Latest Flame
  7. The Fastbacks – In The Winter
  8. The Groove Farm – In The Summertime
  9. Baby’s Got A Gun – Suicide Girl
  10. The Darling Buds – If I Said
  11. Jim’s Twenty-One – Throwaway Friend
  12. The Capitols – Who Can Tell?
  13. The Big Gun – You’ll Always Give Your Best
  14. Basil Pieroni – Don’t Ever Go Away Again
  15. Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike – That’s The End Of That
  16. Twa Toots – Don’t Send Me Flowers
  17. The Artisans – Jazz Serenade
  18. The Honeymooners – Another Fit Of Laughter
  19. Nine Steps To Ugly – Eddie Lopez Lives In Slough
  20. The Boy Scout Love Triangle – I Want To Wear Your Love Like Gold
  21. Solace – My Brightest Star

16 Responses to “Words & Smiles (21 pop songs 1983-93)”

  1. welcome back to the best blog on the net!!!

  2. guy above is right. easily one of the best blogs- anywhere.

    NYC loves consolation prizes.

  3. Glad you’re back after this 2-month hiatus. Thanks for the compilation!

  4. You just blew my mind with this compilation. Wow. Stunned.

  5. Michael White Says:

    Hi Brian!

    What can you tell me about the Capitols? Had never heard — or even heard of — them before but am nuts about this track!


    • radiodrilltime Says:

      I don’t know a lot about them, but after this one single, they changed their name to The Cantels, and put out the wonderful “I Want To Be Alone” 12″ in 1988. That’s about all I know.

  6. I had forgotten all about it until I read this blog but I actually went to try out as second guitarist for the Cantels (formerly the Capitols) in Birmingham around 88/89. They were managed by someone I used to sit next to in A level history at Halesowen college, which is how I got into it. I don’t remember any of their names (sorry!) but to my amusement I remember the main guitarist storming out of the room twice because the singer changed the lyrics to a song during the rehearsal just for fun. He didn’t think they should have fun. That rather made my mind up.

    I’m sure they did a radio session as the Capitols, as I’m pretty sure that’s the recording they gave me to learn the songs from, there’s a slim possibility I still have that somewhere. Not sure what happened to them after that but they did have some really good tracks, the aforementioned ‘I Want to Be Alone’ being their most well known at the time.

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      That’s a wonderful story, thanks for sharing it! You’re definitely right about the radio session too. I’ve got a copy of it, and I’ll try to get it transferred, and post a link for it before too long!

      • Saw them at Synatra’s in Birmingham. Great band. Later joined a group called the Chemists, and supported them there. Not the most sociable people you’ve ever met, but just as good once they were on stage.

  7. Having not seen any fresh posts for a while, just wanted to ask after you – hope all is OK.

    • radiodrilltime Says:

      Thanks for asking! My scanner broke down a little while back, which stopped things for a while. Now that the scanner is working again, I’m about to move house, so everything’s packed up! Should be back up and running in a few weeks though.

  8. Hi Radio, do you have any Bim singles by chance? (The 80’s Bim of course). Thanks.

  9. Hope you are back posting soon…

  10. And would you have the Edwyn Collins 12″ “Don’t Shilly Shally” and “My Beloved Girl”? Thanks. Come back, we need you!

  11. Come back please, best mp3 blog on the net!

  12. Hope the move went well. Hope you’re just getting some likely much needed rest. It’s okay–we’ll still be here. Have enjoyed the music and the comments from all. Nice to know there some other such music lovers out there. Mike

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